Real estate investment management is our only business.

We believe our success can be attributed to several factors. First, we have a consistent investment philosophy that balances risk and return. Second, as senior management is in the region, we have the ability to respond to the rapid changes that characterize Asia’s economies and property markets. Third, we have a “hands on” approach to re-positioning, renovating, and recapitalizing investments that insures a greater degree of control.

Renovation / Reposition

Acquire well located but mismanaged properties
Unlock hidden value through prudent capex investment
Extend the useful life of properties
Upgrade energy efficiency and code compliance
Maintain and continually improve

Intensive Leasing

Investing in marketing and rebranding campaigns
Investing in upgrades to common areas and amenities
Leveraging and incentivizing leasing brokers
Developing complimentary tenant mixes

Market Shifts

Target locations with new infrastructure and connectivity
Find neighbourhoods in the path of development and gentrification
Upgrade properties to higher and better uses that serve the community